Event Recordings

Now, you can watch the event recording and catch up on all the insightful discussions


Our regular events bring together members from across the value chain to share best practice and network. These events are more fun to attend in person, but selected panel discussions are recorded. Hear what people say in this video. 

InsurTechNZ Event: Big data and weather

As both the land and how it is used constantly change, historic data no longer tells the full story of risk and hazards. Our member event on 9 May featured a panel discussion on using big data and digital strategies to improve responses to climate and weather-related insurance events.

Date: 09 May 2024

Embedding innovation in insurance

Digital transformation of insurance is gathering pace but has a fair distance to travel. We had a conversation about the role of founders in creating an innovation-led culture, why New Zealand innovation is attractive to global insurers, and what factors will require greater innovation across the industry in the coming year.

Date: 29 February 2024

2023 Innovation Success Stories

Celebrating success across New Zealand’s insurtech ecosystem. At our final event for 2023 we heard innovation case studies from Tower and Deloitte, Intellimin and InsuredHQ.

Date: 30 November 2023

Crafting the Tech Innovation Roadmap: Insights from NZ’s Leading Insurers & Brokers

Learn how tech leaders in the insurance industry craft their technology innovation roadmaps. Gain valuable insights into their innovation journey and deepen your understanding of how they align business and technology needs.

Date: 14 September 2023

Premium payments innovation and closing the gap in brokers’ digital CX

Learn about the insurance payments landscape and the forces influencing change in how brokers manage payments, and how all participants could make greater use of APIs to improve the customer experience.

Date: 10th August 2023

InsurTechNZ: What does AI Mean for Insurance?

AI has the potential to impact and add value to the entire insurance value chain and bring significant benefits to customers. As more data from more sources becomes available to insurers, the potential for AI to transform the industry only grows.

However, with wider access to these powerful tools, it is also crucial to be on top of their risks and challenges. Responsible data use and AI literacy are key to ensure that humans remain in control of the decision-making process.

Date: 29th June 2023

Innovation in underwriting and claims

Learn more about how insurers and intermediaries are automating underwriting and claims to improve the customer experience, gain insights from data and reduce fraud.

Date: 29th March 2023

Optimising the Customer Experience

New Zealand insurers are in the midst of integrating systems and databases to gain a clearer view of their customer. This clarity will be even more vital under the incoming COFI regime, to ensure customers are treated fairly not just when selling a product, but in designing it.

On 23rd February leading insurers shared their transformation experience to date, future goals, and opportunities for InsurTechs to help prepare for the introduction of COFI. 

Date: 23rd February 2023

InsurTech Showcase

New Zealand’s InsurTech sector is expanding as start ups emerge to help insurers and intermediaries transform their businesses. At this event you will learn more about some of our leading Insurtechs, their journey to date and the opportunities ahead.

Watch the event recording if you’d like to partner with, work for or invest in, the solutions of Kiwi insurtechs.  

Date: 20th October 2022

Harnessing data to prevent losses

How can data be used at scale to prevent injury, accident and damage to property?

An industry panel discussed pathways to sharing data between insurers, underwriters and brokers to create economic and societal gains for New Zealand Inc. During the event we considered what technology and cultural changes are making this possible, and why perfection can sometimes be the enemy of good.

Date: 08th September 2022

Strategies to attract talent to Insurtech

Digital transformation of insurance means talent is in demand. How do we attract and keep great people? What lessons can be learned from other industries and markets, both here and overseas. 

At our Connect event on 18th August, an industry panel opened the conversation on topics including innovative working and partnering models, recruitment methods to find great candidates, and the value of value of micro-credentials or further training.

Date: 18th August 2022

Connecting the insurance value chain

Improving connections across the insurance value chain reduces processing and transaction costs, improves the customer experience and enables new products. 

How are insurers and their distribution partners working together to safely share data to make things easier for each other and to create stronger, more trusted relationships with customers?

Watch the recording to learn about what data is most valuable to be shared and potential benefits such as more personalised offers, accurate pricing and segmentation.

Date: 14th July 2022

Applying AI to the customer experience in insurance

What are some of the technical and business considerations in using AI to unlock the value of insurance data? 

Underwriters and brokers are using AI to process increasing amounts of data in real-time, in order to calculate effective insurance pricing and recommend policies. 

For digitally driven consumers, AI enables a fast and seamless but personalised insurance experience.

Our speakers shared their experiences designing and integrating AI, from both an in-house and external provider perspective.

Date: 09th June 2022